Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Starting New

I believe we celebrate the new year with such excitement because we all want a fresh start. It is a new year. It is 2013. This year my family can be better, closer together, cleaner, more organized, accomplish more, get over our fears, reach new heights, and soar. We look to a new year with anticipation. We hold off on diets and goals until the special day arrives. I am excited for this year. I am excited for what it might bring and for how I will change and grow.  Here is to a new round of resolutions and a year of blogging more. I want to write down and document those funny things that my kids do and all those lovely things I get to learn as a mom. I want to look back and remember every moment and every smile. And laugh at every silly mistake. I am ready 2013, BRING IT ON!

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