Sunday, January 6, 2013

Today I Learned To Cook

     This morning as we were literally running out the door to church (crossing our fingers that we wouldn't be late) and I tripped over a package on my doorstep that must have come yesterday. It was a box from my mother. Filled to the brim with items for my children; my kids were giddy as we opened it on the drive to church. "Panties!" Emree yelled. "Bubbles!" clapped Jesse. Hidden inside their treasures was the "Moses Lake Sixth Ward Recipe Book". Filled with recipes from lots of the women I love. People who are close to my heart and who I often missed. I was seriously excited. I am going to cook my way through it! Why not. I think it will be fun to cook something out of it each day until I am done.  My friend Kate did it with a professional chef's cook book, I am going to follow all my home town ladies.

            For lunch I made Heather William's German Pancakes! YUM and they took only 25 minutes from beginning to end. It was perfect. Thanks Heather!! We thought of you while we made them and missed not seeing you over the Christmas Holidays!

Here's to a New Year and New Recipes! 
Thanks Grandma...HUGs!


Heather Williams said...

Oh that made me feel so good! I turned in maybe 3 recipes in that whole book and to know that you tried mine makes me happy! We just finished them...Ryan makes them every Sunday. So neat your mom sent you a package in the mail:) Miss you guys!

Cassidy said...

I got one of those cook books for Christmas and was soooooo excited too!!!

Jorden said...

This makes me so happy that everyone loves that cookbook!