Thursday, January 3, 2013

Today I learned to put my hands up!

Warning: "Over-share" 
     I have a little guy that can't seem to keep his hands out of his pants. This causes accident after accident all over our house and at night when he is sleeping. Our biggest problem is he has outgrown the onesie and out smarted the zip down jammies. It has been driving me crazy pretty much all of 2012. 2013 Resolution : PUT YOUR HANDS UP! A friend of mine says they use this phrase with teenage mentally challenged kids and it allows for the result you need with out establishing shame. He is barely two and he doesn't understand how gross it is, but it has got to stop. I thought I was winning the battle today when he looks up at me from his little puddle and said, "Uh Oh Mommy!" I couldn't help, but smile at him because he is so cute (That is why he has survived this long). If it doesn't stop the accidents at least he looks adorable as he raises the roof all day long. One pee on the floor for Jesse today and one accident from Boulder. Boulder's mess was basically at our landlord's feet. Yeah for boys and their Puppies! Wave your hands in the air if you just don't care!

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