Saturday, January 5, 2013

Today I Learned That I am Only Impatient With My Husband

Okay, maybe not only, but mostly impatient with my husband.
         Ty was supposed to be home at 1:40 today so that I could go teach a lesson. I was hoping he would be home sooner, but I had this feeling that he would stroll in last minute. He likes to give me just enough time to stress out and bicker about how I was going to be late.  Well, I hadn’t heard from him all morning (which was to be expected because he was out of service on a camp out for the Young Men), but I thought he would call me when he was on his way home. 
         1:25 rolls around and no word from Ty. I start to stress like normal and drop him a text. He calls and says that he won’t make it. I lose it. “What? You won’t make it? What am I suppose to do? What were you thinking? You tried? Well, that obviously wasn’t good enough?”  I really said those words. NOT NICE. I would have yelled at my kids; Definitely not nice. 
        Come to find out the car had gotten stuck in the snow on the way home, he had to have someone pull him out and had just gotten service. He had tried. Now, I am not trying to write this as a pity party to Danielle. I don’t need everyone to tell me it is okay. I am just stating the obvious. Had anyone else called I would not have reacted that way. I would have listened; I would have been patient and understanding. I would have told them that it was okay and that I could make it work, but it was Ty. I lost it. My husband does more for me then anyone else, He listens more, he cares more, and he puts up with more of my annoying behaviors. He deserves more.
New Years Resolution 2013:
1.   Put your hands up Jesse!
2. Face your fears Emree!
3. Be Patient with your main man Dani!!

This year is going to be awesome. Isn’t it like a cardinal rule to never ask for patience?


Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

I'm the same way. I also have no patience with him when he's sick. I'll nurse the girls for hours/days but if G is sick for longer than an afternoon I get grumpy about having to take care of him.

I wonder why that is? Good resolution. I'll have to add that one to mine.

Sterling Holobyte said...

Dang. I wish my wife would think about this sometime.
Your husband is a lucky guy. :)