Thursday, July 7, 2011

Here's to dreaming!

My dreams of an Olympic Gold Medalist in the 100 Breast stroke have been completely crushed, but isn't she adorable? She cried about 15 minutes of the half hour today, but hey she still got her participation certificate! Here is to the generation where everyone is a winner!

My dreams of one day being able to leave Jesse with a babysitter are slowly being realized. He loves carrots! YEAH!! I am basking in the small accomplishments today.

My dream of having family close is coming true tomorrow! I am getting a visit from Liberty! One of my all time favorite cousin :). She just moved a little over an hour away. We are pretending it is 5 minutes.

And lastly, here are two pictures of one of my cute friends and her little boy Brenden who did swim lessons with us. We love them! We couldn't have dreamed up better friends :).


GayLynn said...

I'm sure there is still time to get your Olympian. :) We have the cutest kids in our ward. Good for Jesse for eating his carrots! I can't wait to watch him...His smile just melts me.

QB Baker said...

I am pretty sure it is not only carrots that, that big kid likes..haha...he sure is cute though!

dsadf said...

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