Monday, July 18, 2011


Did I mention my cousin Liberty lives close to me. Okay, I know I keep talking about it, but I am pretty excited. This weekend we loaded up the car and headed about 3 and a half hours away to Monterey, Ca. But first we picked up the Woodlands in Concord. It was seriously so fun.

Our first stop was the bath tub, I mean the hot tub. It was only about 90 degrees, which was perfect and meant we could all get it. Even the little kids and the pregnant lady.

We spent the night playing Monopoly Deal and Labyrinth while the kids slept. However, Tyler had to take Jesse in the car and drive around at about 4 in the morning.

He still wouldn't fall asleep so Tyler went to Wal-Mart and bought us a few things (It was almost like we had Brian on the trip, minus the Orange Juice.Ty's family will know what I mean).

The next day we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

It was seriously a must see, especially with a two year old who knows "Finding Nemo" better then her ABCs. She found...
Nemo & Dori,


Sharks (Can you find it),

Jelly Fish,

and so much more.

She was as excited as she could be and loved every minute.

We took the 17 mile drive along the bay and saw many "preferred" views and stopped at the beach.

We finished the night by eating out at a really yummy restaurant via (if you haven't discovered what that is, you need to). With great conversation on the drive home the trip was a success. I don't think our kids even scared off Liberty and David. Or at least that's what they said. YEAH!


Cassidy said...

So jealous!! That looks like one fun trip. Glad you guys are close to each other!

Jackie said...

Liberty's belly! AHH! I love it! SO CUTE

Crystal and Kyle said...

Emree and Trey are at such fun ages for aquariums and zoo's and stuff. It's so neat to see them learn and be so curious and fascinated with life. I love it!

Kathy said...

Love this!

prativad said...

wonderfull sweet....

Bridget Baker said...

Yay a preggo photo of Libby!! Finally. So cute. You look way to skinny to be mom of a newborn. And also, CUTE shot of that little boy!

pudin said...

your baby is so cute!