Monday, July 11, 2011

I can not believe that Jesse is already 6 months old. Craziness. He has grown up so much in just the last few weeks. It is fun to see his little personality come out and to see how him and Emree interact. I went back to Emree's 6 month post and realized they are just about the same developmentally. So, here are Jesse's 6 tricks for 6 months.

1. Rolling Over... He has been able to do this for a long time, but hardly ever does because he hates being on the ground. He can only roll from back to tummy though.

2. Smiling at Everyone...He has been doing this for a long time too. With Emree I thought it was amazing that she was smiling at me, but Jesse almost came out smiling. The best part is that he hardly ever smiles with out sticking his little tongue out. It is pretty adorable. His laugh melts my heart, but the best part is that him and Emree have the same giggle. So cute!

3. Sitting Up... He is loving this trick and loves reaching for things. Oh the dreaded baby grab. I always underestimate his reach and something gets in his hands that shouldn't. The fish bowl, the fork, food, glasses of water, Emree's to love it.

4. Pacifier Inserting... He doesn't take a pacifier, but Emree does. She sleeps with two. Every morning when Jesse and I go in to get Emree out of bed she gives Jesse one of her binkies. They both just lay on the bed with binkies in their mouths and giggle. That is the only time Jesse will touch one.

5. Yelling... Jesse loves to talk as loud as he can. All the time. This trick is not so cute and makes sitting through church basically impossible, but it is pretty funny.

6. Eating... Jesse just started eating baby food and loves it. Now, if I could only get him to love a bottle... You'll never hear me stop complaining about that until he does.

Jesse has definitely been a much harder baby then Emree and I have said that about ten million times, but we love him so much. His personality is hilarious as he giggles and smiles, and teases us. He is so much fun and I can not wait to watch him grow up! I think he is going to be super social and outgoing. He is so fun and has such a tender heart. He will laugh at everything Emree does and will give up any toy for her. Their little bond is priceless.


The Bjurstrom Family said...

I can't believe he is 6 months old too! He's such a cutie. I lobe watching him at church;)

GayLynn said...

There must be some camera distortion going on in that last shot because Jesse's head is double the size of Emree's!! Thanks again for helping out today. I don't know what we'd do without you!

Tiffany Fackrell said...

Jesse looks JUST LIKE YOU!!! oh man he is ADORABLE!! You better plan on 10 more babies because you make some CUTIE PIES!! HAHA! And I have no advice on the bottle kids HATED bottles...until they turned 10 months...and now we are trying to get Bridge off of the bottle, I guess we can't win them all! Good Luck though, have you tried maybe just using a soft tipped sippy cup? Or changing formula, I know some babies prefer some formula to others, but I also have no knowledge in formula really, I just know that Bridger barfed up infamil anytime he ever had it (mainly the first week of life while he was in the NICU, he hated that stuff)

Rae said...

He is a cutie!

Cassidy said...

How come our babies are getting old so fast??? He is a cutie. Good job.

RobAar said...

Oh Man! Danielle, I haven't seen very many pictures of Jesse. He's SO cute. He's such a boy...(that sounds strange, but you know what I mean?)
It was fun to see pictures of you and Liberty in your most recent post. Makes me remember our good old college days. What has happened since then??? My goodness.
Love ya!