Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I would have blogged last night, but I was busy voting for Caitlynn. She was absolutely stunning in her contemporary piece by Mandy Moore. We watched it four times and I am pretty sure I had tears every time. Choreography can be a dancers life line on the show or the kiss of death if it is a terrible piece. I truly believe that after last night, Caitlynn will be there one more week! Tyler and I just really want her to make it to the top ten so we can go watch her on tour, selfish I know!

Yesterday, I felt a little bit like someone was dunking me under the water a few times and I was constantly having to come up for a big breathe. I guess I shouldn't say it was too bad, but I did have the worst grocery store trip ever. We had swim lessons in the morning and then I took the kids to Savannah's house to go swimming in her pool. Let's just say, when we left around three my children were exhausted. Jesse was screaming and Emree fell asleep, but I needed to get gas and go to the store. At the gas station I couldn't get my credit card to work and had this huge fear that I was going to have to wake Emree and drag the two kids into the store with me so I could pay at the cashier. I don't know if you have ever had to do that, but it is the worst. Luckily I did have my debit card and off we went. Disaster averted. However, not so much at the grocery store. I forgot my list, Jesse was screaming, Emree was crying and I tried to go in, but had to turn right around and go out and feed the little guy. Second try 15 minutes later, things were definitely looking up, but I didn't want to push my luck so I tried to hurry. Why do I ever try to hurry. When I got home I noticed that I had grabbed the wrong milk, forgot about a dozen things, and gabbed the wrong drink for Emree. How annoying.

Emree: had a good time at swim lessons. She blew bubbles in the water, tried swimming on her tummy, and made tiger fingers and swam them through the water. It was pretty cute. Anytime the swim instructors asked her to do anything she yelled, "No Way!" Yes, I have one of THOSE children. It is slightly ridiculous. We went in the deep end and dunked the kids again. She did a tiny bit better this time. Bragged just as much to dad though. It was pretty funny.

Emree has been obsessed with making everything in to her little baby and putting it to bed. She puts her bath toys to bed and her food from her kitchen. She finds everything a blanket and a pillow and rocks it and SH-SH-SH s it until it falls asleep and then she lays them all over the house. If only Jesse slept as much as her toys do. :)

Jesse: Did so good yesterday. Dad stayed with him during swim lessons and he slept the whole time. Yeah. He loves, loves the water. When we go swimming he giggles and splashed the whole time until he falls asleep. It is really cute how much he loves the water and how much he loves splashing Emree. He splashed water at her and laughs and she cries because he got water in her eyes.

Tyler: was awesome at watching Jesse for me and then he watched the kids while I went to a Zumba class (which was awesome). He had a homework assignment and a quiz due, but still managed to clean up dinner help me clean up so we could watch sytycd in a clean house. I love that he watches the show with me, votes with me, and cares almost as much as I do. It is so fun to sit down together and rewind, laugh, eat popsicles and just enjoy each others company. He has even been reading the forums with me and posting for his friend on facebook to vote. Best husband ever! Seriously.

Me: I felt really busy yesterday, but it was all good things. I loved swimming with Emree, swimming with both my kids, zumba and then watching my favorite show with Tyler. We have been reading scriptures with Emree. We just read one verse a night and we have Emree say some of it. It is mostly for us to start the habit, but I really enjoy it. I always need to get better at my personal scriptures study lol I could probably get that done too if I only read one verse... just kidding.

I have been a little home sick lately, but I just wish my family was like 2 hours away instead of 14. I wish I could go do choreography with my sister. Help my mom plan the wedding, Let Jordan, Tyler, Quinn, Dad, and Easton go golfing and be excited to BBQ with everyone when they got home. I miss that about being in Moses Lake, but it is nice to have our own space in Sacramento and not be in anyone else's space. Family is the most important thing to Tyler and I. We love our families so much and feel so blessed to have so many amazing people in our lives.

I am grateful for a supportive husband, healthy kids, and for everyone who voted for Caitlynn!



You are so on target Danielle!!! Family is first and most important. Thank you for taking the time to hearing about ALL of it!!! :)

Sarai Stones said...

I love your blog Danielle! You are an amazing mom!