Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Joyish School

We started a little Joy-ish School with Emree and a few other kids. I was the first teacher and we had it at my house today. I was surprised how great the kids were. They must be ready for this kind of thing. They did get a little worn out at the end, but isn't that why we do activities? So our kids can nap! Emree took a great nap and so do Jesse and so did I. Hmm great day!

I forgot to take pictures (worst mom ever :)), but here is my little lesson plan...
Creative Movement: (10 min)
“Can you make your body into shapes?” High, Low, Big, Small, Touch your head, touch you head to the ground, touch your hands to the ground, lay down, sit…
(Show a picture of a circle) “ Do you know what this is? Can you make your body into a circle?”
“We can move our bodies to pretend to be animals, to show how feel, and even to make circles. I am going to turn on a song and I want you to move your body around. When the music stops you have to freeze and make a circle. Are you ready?
Story Time: (10 min)
If you want to read a story clap your hands, turn in a circle, sit quietly
(do hand actions)
Story about Circles
Singing Game: (10 min)
Get the kids in a big circle. Sing to the tune of London Bridges.
I can move so many ways, many ways, many ways,
I can move so many ways around the circle
I can walk on tippy toes, tippy toes, tippy toes
I can walk on tippy toes around the circle
…walk backward steps
…crawl on hands and knees
…move with hopping feet
…fly like an air plane
…slow steps
…sit quietly
“It is fun to move in a circle.”
Counting to 3: (15 min)
“Who can count to three? Let’s all try. 1, 2, 3. Can you show me on your fingers? Can everyone count the pictures with me? (Have three pictures of three things, three pumpkins, three oranges, three circles and count them together). Okay, I need everyone to go find three oranges circle and bring them back to our circle (circles are taped on the wall). Go around to each kid and count his or her three circles.
Now have them sit to read a counting book.
Scavenger Hunt: (10 min) “What color is everyone wearing?” Can you help me find orange things? Follow me.”
(Have pictures taped up all over the wall in different spots. Then walk around the house looking your Orange items.)
Song is to the tune of “Old McDonald”.
I see something that is orange
Do you see it too?
I see something that is orange
Hop there if you do?
(change action each time and give picture to a child each time)
Hop to Snack Time: (10 min)
Snack is Oranges, Orange Jello, Carrots, Orange Milk
Clean up…
Arts and Cookies: (20 min) everyone should have an apron
Decorating Cookies like pumpkins…Orange frosting, circle cookies, each child gets three. Halloween Kids songs will be playing while they decorate their pumpkins. Talk about circles, orange and the number three.
Clean up…
Each kid should go home with: 3 circles, Orange picture, and 3 cookies


Ashley and Blake said...

You are amazing! That sounds like a lot of work but so much fn for the kids. And I'm glad u all got to take a good nap after!

Cher said...

The fact that you didn't take pictures means that you were being a great teacher. Focused on the kids. I bet they were so good because of all the great activities that that you prepared and you kept it moving.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I love reading your lesson plans Danielle and that your making it a point to make learning opportunities for Emree.