Tuesday, October 18, 2011


We all have our quirks.
I love reality t.v., listen to my favorite songs so many times until I hate it, swoon over old musicals, and can't stand youtube videos.
Ty loves to beat balloon towers, listens and sings a song so loud you can't hear it, seriously thinks almost every movies is good, and loves youtube videos.

Emree, well, she is a hoarder. She collects things. All things. Mostly garbage. She has been collecting for a while now and I was starting to worry. I know kids go through phases, but this phase has to say something about me. Is she somehow showing how much I dislike things cluttering up my life. She is letting me know that her heart hurts every time I throw away another picture or painting that she wanted on the fridge for all of eternity. I think I may have messed my kid up... can i get a do over?

Just when I was feeling really bad and making her throw away the crackers in the very bottom of one of her many filled to the top purses that we can't clean up and we hang all over the house, she told me the truth. She said she put stuff in her purse so that she didn't have to share with Jesse. Interesting. And she hung up her purses so that he couldn't reach them. Interesting again. Now, I guess I need to let her know that some stuff is just hers and we don't have to hide it away to keep it safe.

Phew. I dodged a personality disorder.

This mothering thing is no joke. :)


Cher said...

I totally feel your pain. I too have a hoarding daughter and hate clutter myself. Everytime I enter her room my heart rate goes up.

Bobby & Emily said...

This is so interesting!! I think it might be a kid thing to want to hold onto stuff too, cause they grow and change so fast maybe we forget to slow down the recycling a bit when they start to get older. Very fun stuff though, you're a great mom!

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