Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ode to Projects

I think of you each moment of wake,
and can't turn off my brain for dreams to make.
I make you up to fill my time,
but you become the most important thing on my mind.

You clutter my house, my floor, my car.
I start you to save money; there's no way you are.
I buy supplies and tools to learn a new art,
I read blogs and tutorials to increase my smarts.

I've made cookies, cakes, painted and sewn.
Cookie cutters, cake pans, fabric scissors I know own.
I can do that, I think; That'd be fun, I say.
On to another project and another day

This are pictures from our t-shirt quilt project and a few things I have been doing for our Relief Society "Getting To Know You" Activity. Stole the cake idea from Susan and the flowers from my sister in-law Aliza! By the way... Tyler and I don't know how to sew at all, it has been interesting.

On a side note...
Emree seems to maybe be trying to potty train again.
Jesse is standing up on EVERYTHING and wanting to walk.
They both love oranges... and projects :)


Cassidy said...

Sounds like our kids are timing things at the same time! I HATE potty training though. UGH. And why can't our boys just stay immobile for just a little longer! Why, oh why, do they have to grow up!
Way to be crafty! I love the ode. It fits me to a T. So maybe your family and my family are clones.

Liberty said...

ahhhh I love your kids! so cute!!!!!