Monday, October 31, 2011


No one in my family has any kids yet. No one in Ty's family is married. We have the only grandkids (need I say spoiled grandkids) and they have no cousins. BUT Liberty (my cousin) is like my sister and she just had a beautiful baby boy. So, elected cousin he is. We drove up to San Jose this weekend for his baby blessing. David, his dad, gave an amazing heartfelt blessing and we are so glad we got to be there!

It was our first time seeing little West and he was absolutely priceless. He seems to be a calm baby, but very aware. He is really long, but starting to put on weight. He smiles just a little bit and smells oh so delicious. There is nothing more precious then a new baby and more tiring.

Heres to many more weekends with the Woodlands!


Anonymous said...
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Liberty said...

Yay for baby West! I am so glad you guys could come it was soooo fun for me to have you here! Wish we were next door neighbors but I love we are able to be as close as we are!!