Saturday, October 22, 2011

Kids Live Here

I had to giggle as I went around the house tonight taking pictures of a few things that remind me that my kids live here... or maybe I should say Emree.

1. The toilet paper is constantly getting unrolled. These days there is a perfectly logical explanation each time... logical to a 2 year old that is.

2. Pictures on the fridge. She even taped pictures on top of pictures tonight.

3. Emree decided she was old enough to put the vacuum back together. I vacuumed with it like that before I realized it.

4. This shirt needed more soap then the others apprently.

5. Another money bank... and I thought we had kicked the habit.

Do you have any things around your house that make you giggle when you pick them up each night.



What a wonderful post!!! So important to enjoy the little things...they grow up so fast! brightened my day !!!!

Liberty said...

just dirty diapers wrapped up in tight balls (don't judge me!)... I miss you! This weekend can't come soon enough!

Anonymous said...

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