Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Fun: A Princess Tea Party!

I  Do! I wish I was a princess with handmaids, servants, butlers, horseman, cooks and a royal designer. Maybe all I need is my mom! I am all those things for my kids. Kim and Sadie invited us over for a fabulous tea party today. Emree was so pumped to go and was not disappointed. It made me want to throw a grown up one... hmm maybe once I am in our new place.

Once upon a time there was a Princess named Emree.

 And she LOVED to have tea parties with her best friend Princess Sadie!

They would laugh and play and just loved being together.

But while they ate, there were two little monsters waiting close by!

Waiting until they weren't looking....

and then they would gobble it all up!

This made both of the Princesses sad.

They didn't know what to do!

They had such lovely tea parties.

They had such a lovely castle.

But the monsters were always one step behind them

Laughing at everything they did and said.

Then Princess Sadie and Princess Emree decided to shine their royal jewels...

Sometimes that would take awhile, but at least the monsters couldn't reach.

But they could take over the tea party table.

Deep down in their hearts they decided they could share!

Didn't that just mean more monsters to have fun with :).

And they all lived happily ever after... for today!
The End