Monday, March 5, 2012

Funny thoughts

1. Should I smell like b.o. or man?
( I had to make this choice Sunday morning when my deodorant went missing and i choose man)

2. Shave or pluck my eyebrows?
( who has time for both)

3. I wonder if it is bad to wish you were OCD about something... Really! Why can't I be a crazy organizer.

4. Where will I be 5 years from now... 29. Finishing Ty's residency. 2 more kiddos. Teaching? Chauffeuring... I don't know. Weird to think about.

5. I have almost been married 5 years. So, weird!!!!

What is the first thing you thought about today?


Heather Williams said...

Danielle, I have to say your blogs make me happy! It's so refreshing to get a real look into a normal life on a blog...thank you!

Lilly Pyle said...

FIVE YEARS?? That can't be right. I feel like I was helping at your reception a year ago. That's crazy. I also love your blog, it makes me smile every time!