Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday Treats!

Emree went poopy in the potty! Maybe you don't care, maybe your kids potty trained themselves. Well, I care! She has been terrible at it and today she asked to go and went... Miracle! I believe any such achievement deserves the best ice cream on earth... Baskin Robbins! So, off we went to be Tuesday terrors and let both my young children have ice cream cones and eat and spill to their hearts content. Totally worth it!

Curious: what is your favorite flavor? Mine is one scoop diqauri ice and one scoop chocolate. I get it from my mom and it is amazing!!!


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Hooray for accomplishments worthy of Baskin and Robbins!

I like world class chocolate and strawberry together. I try and switch it around and always go back to those two tried and true.

GayLynn said...

Go Emree! I'll have to try the diquari ice and chocolate combo! Sounds amazing. I usually go for something with toffee.

Susan said...

Yahoo for Emree!! That's worthy of any treat she wants!!

I love Gold Medal Ribbon. Yum!