Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Fun: Pink Sandals

"Can you grab your pink sandals to wear today?" I asked Emree while I tried to pull Jesse's shirt over his head as he squirmed.
"I love me pink sandals. 'Member how I should wear them to church."
"They aren't good church sandals Emree."
"Why?"she looked at me so completely puzzled.
"Because we dress our very best on Sunday and wear our nicest clothes."
"Because we want to look our very best for church, so we can show Jesus that we love him."
"I love Jesus, Mommy!" Emree runs across the room to give me a big hug. And then looks up at me with the cutest smile and says, "Mommy, Jesus loves my pink sandals. Jesus loves everyone."
It is only Friday, but I am pretty sure she will remember to wear those pink sandals on Sunday. But how do you say no to that.

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