Saturday, June 16, 2012

Scatterbrained Saturday:Worst Saturday Ever

1. Emree had a blister on her heel and wouldn't wear shoes
2. We went to figure out some stuff at the library and pick up my card that had gotten left there. Emree cried at the top of her lungs the whole time, and Jesse pulled down a bajillion books. Then I had to carry both of them to the car because Emree wouldn't walk and Jesse can't get down the massive stairs safely. It was awesome.
3. Jesse stomped over all the groceries in the back of the cart because Emree took the front seat. She was still crying over her foot. Smash there went my pizza, smash there went my icecream (staples when Dad is gone).
4. I stole popcorn from the grocery store (on accident), but I couldn't go back. I just couldn't... don't judge me.
5. The light flipped on in Jesse's room (it is weird and sometimes does that, but very rarely) and woke him up early from his nap. He was screaming and wouldn't go back to sleep.
6. Jesse slammed his fingers in the back door.
7. Jesse spilled the thumb tacks all over the floor and Emree stepped on one. It stabbed her toe.
8. Neither of my kids would eat dinner.
9. I had to make cookies for the church for Father's Day, I made them the wrong size. When I went to drop them off Jesse sat on a fruit snack in his car seat and it melted on to his bum. Which transfered to my arm. It was everywhere.
10. Emree would not get out of the bath and so I gave her one spank. I have never spanked either of my kids. I felt so bad. The guilt is killing me.
11. We went to target to get Emree some flip flops so that she would be able to walk in shoes tomorrow to church and she threw one of the hugest fits ever.
12. I put her to bed at 7:30 and it has now been an hour and a half and she is still awake.
13. Oh! I almost forgot. Jesse threw my phone in a bucket of water. I put it in rice and Emree dumped the rice all over the floor. It is still not working...
Some days being a mom is HARD.
Tomorrow it will be better... Tomorrow it can't be worse.


kate said...

Oh Danielle! That sounds awful! Is Tyler gone tomorrow too? Come to my house, I will feed you and your kids can play.

Sara said...

so sorry! we've all had days like this and it SUCKS! I've totally stole a thing or two from the grocery store- on accident- because of my kids.

Peggy Dee said...

Oh Danielle! Wait til one of the old moms like me comes up to you at church tomorrow and tells you to cherish these days because they will be gone before you know it! They are right - but it can be soooooo hard to cherish days like yours with small kids!! You are an awesome mom and don't feel guilty about the spanking...

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Ditto to Peggy Dee - clear down to the awesome mom and the last line about spanking!

Some days are hard no matter how cute your kids are. Your day sounds absolutely miserable. Let us know how "tomorrow" goes!

Whidget said...

Yeah sounds like a rotten day. All I can say is-wait til there are 3. I'm sure 4 can be even worse. But don't worry about the swat. I spank my kids on occasion to get their attention and they're fine. Once to snap Eli out of a manic episode on a plane I bit him. He then started yelling you bit me! At the top of his lungs. That was a low point. Haha. Parenthood.

camery said...

Oh Danielle!

The truth is, even with this awful day, I just know you STILL soldiered through it with grace and calmness and a smile. (I, on the other hand, can see myself biting my child on an airplane. I laughed out loud at that comment. sorry. it's true.)

Have a great day today! I enjoyed catching up with you via your blog. You're such a good momma! Take care! :)

Cassidy said...

I spank my kids all the time. Doesn't phase them one bit...:) The guilt, oh the guilt. I tell my friends this...if there is something to feel guilt about, I'll find it, if not, I'll feel guilty about that. If you've gone 3 years with no spanking then you are AMAZING.
Love your day. At least this one sticks out, which means they aren't all like that. That's a plus, right?