Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Memories: Missing Jonah

We moved to Sacramento a little less then two years ago.  Tyler had met one family in our ward prior to coming and had even showered at their house when he came here to look for houses (because he slept in the car). I believe they were the first people I met too and we were so excited because their little boy was just 10 days younger then Emree. They were friends at first sight!

Jonah and Emree have played together constantly in the last two years and built such a cute little bond. Jonah's family is moving to Boston for a year and we have been in denial because we are going to miss them too much.

Thank you for your friendship, love, listening ears (we Andres talk a LOT), and help over the last two years. It is the start of a friendship that will last a lifetime!

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GayLynn said...

Tyler just showed me the pictures from this post on his phone. I love them all! It is crazy how little our kids were when you first moved here! You know we are going to miss you guys like crazy. This is why Tyler and Ryan BOTH need to do EM at Davis. Thinking this way helps me feel better about our temporary separation.