Saturday, June 9, 2012

Scatterbrained Saturday: Babies, Fruit Snacks and Hot Dogs.

Random Thoughts-

I love how much babies love babies. Jesse loves loves loves babies. He wishes he could have one with him all the time. The second he sees a baby he goes crazy telling me. He wants to sit down next to the poor thing and hug them, kiss, them poke their eyes. Oh it is pretty funny and the little girl or boy is so scared of him because he is not very soft. Although he is only 17 months old and the size of a 3 year old. Oh... what a funny kid.

Why do kids love fruit snacks so much. I wish I could do an experiment to see how many they would eat in a day, but they are too expensive to throw away frivolously.

Speaking of loving things... I never realized how much I liked hot dogs, but I do. Weird I know. I am eating one right now and enjoying every minute.

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