Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Memories: The Celebration Continues

    Ty's parents wanted to give Jesse the gift of activity for his birthday and so they paid for us to go the Sacramento Children's Museum on Saturday. My kids LOVED it! They loved it SO much we couldn't resist buying a season pass and talking some of our friends into doing it with us). Here is my little plug... if you come visit us with your kids... we will take you here too!

Jesse in the blocks

Emree in the dress ups... they had lots of animals
            Emree stuck the flower in my hair and told me is was like a princess... I am not so sure
 They have a little house with a table, chairs, bed, fireplace, mailbox, so cute...
 We like the back hand on this stroke... I am not sure if she is bowling or painting.
 Okay, definitely painting.

 Then we went home for naps and went back out at four for some play time at the park. It has been really warm this winter and we have loved being able to get outside. That being said, the rain is suppose to start this week.
 Jesse only walks with his hands in the air. It makes me giggle every time.
 I know this is not a good picture of us, but it is the only one we took that documented that we were all there... so, WE WERE ALL THERE. :)
  The last part of our celebration ended at Noddle's and Co. where we got to go out to eat (again courtesy of Ty's parents). It was so nice because we NEVER eat out and we enjoyed every bite and savored every dish we didn't have to wash.

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Andre for the Birthday Celebration and another day full of memories we won't forget!

Hope you have plans to make and record some memories for your family this week!


Bobby & Emily said...

Happy Birthday Jesse!! Can I just tell you, I am loving the new blog posts. It is so fun to read and it makes us feel like we really aren't that far away. And I totally caught up on my blog to record our memories!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

What a great idea to give the gift of activity. I'm going to remember that.

Lexy and Jared said...

Trust the Andres to give you guys such an awesome gift! That sounds like a WONDERFUL day. And, personally, I love the picture of the four of you together! Y'all are gorgeous, and I think we should plan a group snuggle for the near future.