Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursday Therapy: Laughter is The Best Medicine

Funny Moments....

          As a teenager I would have spent about an hour getting ready in the morning. About 20 minutes of that would have been focused on putting on make-up. With my favorite song on my stereo and lots of choices in front of me, I would have applied slowly and thoughtfully. When I was done I wouldn't be sure if I looked as good as I could have.

        As a mom I have a completely different routine. I spend about eight minutes or less on make-up. No stereo because I have to hear what my kids are doing. No choices, I do pretty much the same                         thing every day. I apply with precision and while multi tasking. Jesse sits at my feet pulling stuff out the bathroom cupboards and banging it on the shower door, while Emree sits on the toilet begging to get some make-up on too.  When I am done I always think, "Good Enough."

I wouldn't change it for the world. 

What about your day made you laugh?



Tiffany Fackrell said...

before I got married/ had kids. I never would have dreamed of leaving my house without makeup (well unless i was going to drill pratice or to the gym or something) Now I throw on some mascara and call it good...and that's on a good day! HAHA sometimes I only wear makeup on sundays! funny how things work after kids huh!

Crow Family said...

I am glad you found our blog:-). Bonnie gave me your blog back in March at Matthews blessing. So I have been blog stalking since then. :-). Emree and Jesse are dolls!! Too cute

danipenz said...

Love your blog and yes, its soooo true. I would dry and curl my hair for 1/2 hour min. and now its washing, combing and let it dry while I brush my teeth, etc. No time! The good part is that it actually feels a lot more healthy for hair/skin to do less.