Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday Memories: Christmas- The Condensed Version

Building memories is a funny concept. We do things so that we can remember how much fun we had doing it. I often think in terms of memories instead of enjoying it in the moment. I should probably do both. 

This Christmas was one filled with new wonderful memories that I enjoyed along the way. We were lucky enough to spend the holidays with both families. Which unfortunately meant a lot of traveling and fortunately meant a lot of fun. 

We drove the 7 hours to the Andre's where we had our first Christmas. We got to spend 4 days there. We exchanged gifts, took Emree to Chucky Cheese, played a Murder Mystery (our gift to Brian), and ate a lot of caramels. The kids loved opening gifts and we loved the time we had to reflect on the birth and life of our Savior.
My kids love being pulled in the wagon. Tanner and Grandpa had to take turns.

Here is Aliza with the fun Magnets she bought Emree... Emree can't wait to paint them. That may be tomorrow's project.

Jesse loved ripping of the paper. Isn't that the cutest runny nose you ever did see?
Brian always likes to throw out a few good hair jokes... or should I say hair-less.

Then, we flew to Washington where we got to spend Christmas with my family.

I love a plane ride with another adult. It meant that Jesse and I got in some snooze time. Emree tried to as well, but the flight attendant wouldn't let her stay on the floor. Bummer.

All of us were together for Christmas and that was amazing. It was a big group with three newer addition:
1. Brittany, The Fruit Ninja
2. Andrew, The Dance Champion

3. and Jesse,The Momma's Boy

We love them all so much! We made a billion treats and delicious goodies, the girls painted some pottery, we all dominated Fruit Ninja,and enjoyed Christmas Eve and the ever infamous re-enactment of the nativity.

Emree was an Angel along with James and Nikki's little girl Jenna. I don't have those cute pictures, but I do have her in the dress she wore because she pretty much wore it everywhere the entire time. When I asked her to take it off she told me, "Why mom? Everybody loves it!" I think she was kind of right.

Here is a picture of us on Christmas Eve...
And me and Em in our PJs...

Christmas itself was magical and fun. I love how much everyone enjoys giving more than receiving.

The Tangled doll was the clear winner for favorite gift.

Everyone Christmas Morning

Jesse loved playing peek a boo with his new clothes... wishfully thinking they were toys ;)

All of the boys piling on their new things.

The day after Christmas we went to a resort in Kellogg, Idaho. It had a water park and of course SNOW. Emree loved the snow so much (thanks to grandpa and grandma baker for getting her lots of warm snow gear). She played and played in it with her Dad. Their snow man and reindeer were completely amazing. It was fun to get a way from the house, a blast to play in the water, to watch movies together and do puzzles. It really completed our family time together.
Here are Tyler's snow creations:

Pool Basketball:

We then headed back to Grandma and Grandpa's to play a little three on three,watch Easton play basketball, See Great Grandpa Baker, and pack up. It was sad to go, but always nice to know that I will see them soon enough.

Christmas at the Baker's isn't complete with out the church three on three tournament or a sprained ankle to remind you that you are getting older.

Not as old as my Grandpa Baker however, who is 94 and amazing in every way! I love this picture of Jesse sitting at his feet. Jesse was one of 12 great grand children that were born this last year alone.

I filled so blessed to be part of such an amazing family.

Off we flew to Ty's parents for a couple more days... We went to the zoo, and played to our heart's content.

And last night we finally made the drive home. Phew! It was a long trip, a long blog post, and a whole lot of awesomeness.

I hope your Christmas brought you close to family and close to the Savior. I hope you made some amazing memories and wrote them down.


the Horton Hurricane said...

I loved looking at theses pictures me and Mason looked at all of them, he loves your brothers! You have such a beautiful family I miss you

emilymcb said...

It was so fun to spend some time with you during break! You have the cutest family :)

efielding said...

Sorry I missed seeing you. It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas.

Cher said...

These pictures are so cute. I can't believe you guys are so close and we never connect. When you live in the country Kellog feels like our front yard.