Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday Weaknesses: Standing On My Own Two Feet

"Let us work for what we need. Let us be self-reliant and independent. Salvation can be obtained on no other principle. Salvation is an individual matter, and we must work out our own salvation in temporal as well as in spiritual things.” 
                 -President Marion G. Romny.

Ask yourself...
 1. What is Self-Reliance?
 2. Why is it important?
 3. What can I do to be more Self-Reliant?

    Our Heavenly Father has asked us to lean on him, have faith in him and to love him, but we must also DO. We have the power to act. We can increase our faith, our love, our service. We must be able to stand on our own testimony of The Savior. We become self-reliant spiritually and temporally so that we can with stand the troubles a head of us and so that we can help others. Imagine that you are swimming in deep water and kicking your hardest to stay a float. You can barely keep your chin above the water... what would happen if a large wave or a storm came in right at that moment? We need to stand on a firm foundation so that when a storm comes we can face it head on.

    The Relief Society manuals lists temporal ways to become self-reliant, they are: learn about budgeting, debt relief, employment qualifications, the scriptures and the gospel, teaching others to read and learn, technology, physical health, fitness, addiction prevention and recovery, social and emotional health, preventing illness, gardening, food production and storage, emergency preparedness, and many other things that will help us become self-reliant. 1

Tonight at our Relief Society activity we are focusing on the health and fitness part of self-reliance. It is the new year and everyone seems to set new goals on how they can stay healthy. They healthier you are the better you can face life's storms. 

   When Tyler and I spent two month's in Mozambique, I remember the missions president telling us that if we could help take care of the the people's temporal needs; then they would have the ability to accept the gospel. While The Lord can grant us many miracles, it is can be hard to feed our selves spiritually when we are starving temporally. I think that also applies to physical activity. It is hard to be spiritually active when you are physically stagnant. 

Ask yourself...
 1. How can I become more physically active?
 2. How can I help my home become more physically active?
 3. How will this help us spiritually?

 This is one of my weaknesses. As life changes the ways we stay physically active must also change. I am no longer a dancer, I am a mom. It defines me. How can I be a physically active and self-reliant mother? Oh! and running after my toddler doesn't count!

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Love this post! Being a Wife & Mother (grandmother) define me too! I have never had one regret for choosing this life! YOU are such a strong woman, you will affect more lives through your righteous choices than anything you could have done!!! Love following your story as it evolves!!!