Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday Weaknesses: The Inevitable

Jill's blog post is my favorite. My weakness is definitely postponing the inevitable. I put things off and put things off. I love what she has to say and I think everyone should take 3 minutes and read it!

1. My blessings today: Jesse is feeling better and loves to pick up toys. Maybe this is a sign for the rest of his life (although I highly doubt that). Emree loves Joy School and gave up her Binky today. Tyler did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen, plus watched the kids while I had a dentist appointment. Asprin... I am thankful for asprin.

2. My weaknesses today: Sometimes I just need to stop what I am doing and sit on the floor and play with my kids. It reminds me of those old commercials... "Family isn't it about time." And of course postponing the inevitable. Some times I need to do those things I am putting off and lower the stress level in my life.

3. Ways to Improve: Take breaks in projects for playing... whatever they want to play. My inevitable : organize my pantry, updating my budget, and finishing a sewing project :)

4. My Tender Mercies: a few of your thought's on your blogs...

What is your list?

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Jill Taylor said...

Thanks for the shout out Danielle!! This reminds me of what one mom once said. It was something like, "I realized the only time my kids really annoy me is when I'm trying to get something done and it seems like they're in my way. If I stop and take time to just listen or play with them, then I'm not as bothered."

I thought that was pretty true. Sometimes it's hard to leave the mess and just sit on the floor. Thanks for sharing!! I love reading and wish we lived closer!!