Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesdays Weaknesses

Wednesdays are my day to focus on self improvement. What can I do better? How can I be better?

I will start with the obvious... keeping a record.

Reasons that keeping records are important:

1. It helps us remember our blessings
2. It helps us point out our weaknesses
3. It helps us plan ways to improve
4. It reminds us that we have tender mercies EVERY DAY from The Lord

Before I got married, I wrote in my journal every single night. I love looking back at those entries and reading my thoughts, hopes, and dreams. Those books are priceless. The last few years I have been terrible at journaling and this year I am making a change. I am determined to write down a little bit each day. I want to remember these moments, I want to take the time to reflect, and most importantly I want to build my relationship with The Savior.

Do you journal, blog, take pictures, keep a calender? What ways can you improve your record keeping?

Start small, maybe even in lists. Start today...

1. My blessings today: Jesse's toddling, That Emree has such great little friends to do Joy School with, a delicious dinner (thanks to myself), clean dishes thanks to my husband, and a good friend who stayed and helped me.

2. My weaknesses today: I need to brush my kids teeth more and I need to read them the scriptures every night.

3. Ways to Improve: Do it tomorrow morning.

4. My Tender Mercies: Bonnie sent me a really nice text about how she missed my kids tonight and it made me happy that she would think of me today. I also had a yummy little treat that I desperately needed waiting for me by the microwave. :)

What is your list?

Here is an awesome Mormon Message...


Susan said...

Dear Danielle,

Thank you so much for posting this beautiful message. I didn't miss a day of writing in my journal all last year until around thanksgiving, and then all hell broke loose and I missed writing about all the important stuff that happened! So I have all the mundane stuff, but not all the wonderful events after. Go figure.

I'm especially grateful for the mormon message that you posted. The hand of God has definitely been present in our lives these last few months, and I have so very much to be thankful for.

I count you as one of my blessings!


Lexy and Jared said...

I think this is such a wonderful idea—acknowledging weaknesses so that we can turn them into strengths with the help of the Lord!

I think my weakness today was being scatterbrained. At school, I just wasn't giving clear directions or being direct in what I had to say. It resulted in my students being more disobedient.

I think I could've improved it by thinking for a few minutes before class about how I was going to explain especially difficult concepts.

Tender mercies: My librarian helped me yesterday when I was out sick by making copies and putting in a movie for the technology-impaired substitute. So nice for him to take the time to do that!

Danielle, I love you and miss you! And I want to be more like you because guuuurrrlll, you da bomb.

Cher said...

I have this wonderful intention to write a journal for each one of my kids to have a record of them growing up from my point of view and then give it to them when they turn 18. My weakness: I don't write in it near enough so I am constantly playing catch up wich doesn't have near the same effect.