Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday Therapy: I think I need a Therapist

"No More Binky"
Emree is turning three in a month and we decided that it was time to wave goodbye to the fabulous binky. Thank you for all the nights of sleep, thank you for wonderful nap times, thank you for soothing car rides, thank you for stopping tantrums, calming bumps and bruises, allowing me to get through being a mother for the first time and making it seem easy. You have been my dear dear friend and I will miss you. I will miss the way Emree likes to rub you all over her face, the way you make her giggle when she crawls into bed and mostly the way she clings to you at night. Yes, my little girl is growing up.

Emree gave her binky to the Binky Fairy yesterday and received a Tangled dress as a surprise. She was thrilled. We had one hard night, but tonight she did great. All my thanks goes to this  Elmo clip ( and Derek for suggesting it). There are a bunch of clips for anyone who needs a little help. :)

What is your binky/crutch that you need to give up?


Tiffany Fackrell said...

my binky is exactly that...the binky...i've been thinking about getting rid of bridgers...i'm not sure either of us are ready. these things are so hard sometimes. i really truely love the binky...but it does have to go sometime. and I told david my child wasn't going to be in sunbeams with a binky. granted he still has another year until he is in sunbeams...but it just might take me that long to finally take it away. HA! I hope it continues to go well for you and emree.

Susan said...

I need to get my computer addiction under control. With Pinterest,Facebook, blogs, Twitter, I spend way too much time just browsing! Good news is that I'm forcibly getting some help in that my computer is in the hospital and I have to sneak Terry's to feed my addiction.